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Alyans Silver Dining Room

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Alyans silver dining room set

Elegance and balance form a unity in modern design.

Alyans Silver Dining Room

Alyans Silver Dining Room Features:
*Made of durable materials, so it offers long-lasting use.
*It has an aesthetic and contemporary look, adding elegance to the space.
*It has an easy-to-use and comfortable design.
*The dining table can be opened and closed with its foldable mechanism.

Every detail has been thought for your comfort.

Alyans Silver Dining Room SeriesWith its modern and stylish design, it adds elegance to your home while prioritizing your health and comfort. Produced using E1 anticarcinogenic chipboard material, this series stands out with its environmentally friendly and harmless to health features. The dining table with folding mechanism saves space and allows you to accommodate more guests by expanding when necessary. The table and chair legs made of hornbeam wood offer durability and an aesthetic touch. The stop hinges used on the console doors provide both silent and safe use, combining quality and functionality. Alyans Chrome Dining Room Series is an ideal choice that will add aesthetics, comfort and health to your home.
Featured features

Hinge systems with stop
E1 anti-carcinogenic 1st class chipboard material
Expendable mechanism
alyans krom yemek odası

Alyans Silver Dining Room Modules

  • Dining Table
  • Sideboard With Mirror
  • Coffee Table
  • Chair
Stock CodeProduct NameLenghtHeightWidthCm
141465Dining Table160+407790cm
141450Sideboard With Mirror20017247cm
141454Sideboard Without Mirror2008247cm
141491Coffee Table1204590cm

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