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Alyans Gold Bedroom

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Alyans Gold bedroom set

Elegance, privilege and comfort in one.

With 6 door and sliding wardrobe options,
Alyans gold bedroom

Alyans Gold Bedroom features:
*Made of durable materials, so it offers long-lasting use.
*It has an aesthetic and contemporary look, adding elegance to the space.
*It offers solutions to meet different needs with its wide product range.
*It has an easy-to-use and comfortable design.
*Alyans Gold Bedroom aims to offer comfortable and functional contributions to your home.

The Perfect Choice for Your Modern Living Spaces;

Alyans gold bedroom is the perfect choice for your modern living spaces. Equipped with stopper door hinges, this series emphasizes comfort with its silent and soft-closing feature. The spacious and convenient wardrobe interior design helps you keep your belongings organized and accessible. Made from E1 anti-carcinogenic 1st class chipboard material, the Alyans gold series is both a safe and environmentally friendly option.
In addition, this furniture, which is offered with a 2-year guarantee, provides long-lasting and durable use. Bring your home together with elegance and functionality with Alyans gold bedroom
Featured features

Hinge systems with stop
E1 anti-carcinogenic 1st class chipboard material
Hydraulic stop (on sliding models)
4*4 (piston) bed frame with storage
Alyans gold 6 kapaklı

Alyans Gold Bedroom Modules

  • 6 Doors Wardrobe
  • Sliding Wardrobe
  • Dresser
  • Nightstand
  • Bed Frame
  • Bed Frame With Storage
  • Small headboard
  • Luxury Headboard
  • Tall Dresser
  • Dressing Mirror
  • Footboard
  • Stool
Stock CodeProduct NameLenghtHeightWidthCm
1407666 Door Wardrobe 25025021057cm
140967Sliding Wardrobe 25024721467cm
140915Bed Frame With Storage 16016638206cm
140861Bed Frame 16016637206cm
140880Luxury Headboard21212710cm
140903Tall Dresser609342cm
140718Dressing Mirror4014740cm

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