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Bella Young Room

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Bella Young Room Set

Style and harmony in modern design

Bella Young Room Features:
*Made of durable materials, so it offers long-lasting use.
*It has an aesthetic and contemporary look, adding elegance to the space.
*It has an easy-to-use and comfortable design.

Every detail has been thought for your comfort.

Bella Young Roomis carefully designed to offer a healthy and safe living space. Bella Youth Room, produced using E1 anti-carcinogenic 1st class chipboard material, stands out with its environmentally friendly and harmless to health features. It is also equipped with stopper hinge systems, ensuring that the doors close silently and safely. Bella Youth Room is an ideal choice to meet the needs of young people in the best way by combining aesthetics and functionality.
Featured features

Hinge systems with stop
E1 anti-carcinogenic 1st class chipboard material

Bella Young Room Modules

  • 4 doors Wardrobe
  • 3 doors Wardrobe
  • Bed Frame With Storage
  • Bed Frame With Storage
  • Headboard
  • Nightstand
  • Dresser
  • Tall Dresser
  • Study Desk Top
  • Study Desk
  • Bookshelf
Stock CodeProduct NameLenghtHeightWidthCm
1328534 doors Wardrobe12820652cm
1333813 doors Wardrobe16920652cm
132885Bed Frame With Storage20636106cm
132883Bed Frame With Storage21254117cm
132824Tall Dresser528641cm
132916Study Desk Top1228526cm
132904Study Desk1247560cm

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